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The Lyons Avenue Renaissance Festival celebrates the history, art, and culture of Houston's historic 5th Ward. Now approaching its 11th year, the festival remains FREE to the community and continues to celebrate the history, art, culture, and current revitalization of Houston’s 5th Ward. Using the allure of music, dance, and other art forms to engage the community, this annual celebration showcases positive changes in the area and new developments that are taking place. Unique to the Festival is Houston’s only egg drop by helicopter!

Dear Valued Supporters,

Because of the festival, the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation is able to provide several services and programs annually. Some of those programs include:

1. Art and Culture:

  • Support vibrant arts and cultural events that foster creativity and unity within our community.

2. "The DeLuxe Kids":

  • Make a lasting impact on the lives of our youth through engaging and educational programming that provides them with valuable experiences.

3. Film and Video Productions:

  • Fuel the creation of thought-provoking and inspiring films that resonate with diverse audiences.

4. Stand the "I AM THE 5TH" Campaign:

  • Join a movement that champions inclusivity, diversity, and equality within our community.

5. Emergency Resources:

  • Your sponsorship aids in the provision of emergency resources to those facing unforeseen challenges.

6. Affordable Housing & Economic Development:

  • Support initiatives that drive economic growth and provide affordable housing solutions.

Why Sponsor Us?

Explore the possibilities and benefits by reviewing our comprehensive Sponsorship Packet. This detailed guide outlines the various sponsorship levels available and the unique recognition and perks that accompany each level.

Your sponsorship not only elevates our festival but also propels the success of our vital community programs. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to making a positive difference.

Together, let's ignite the flame of community impact!

Together  “We Are the 5th"! We look forward to receiving your commitment. 



The annual event, which is scheduled for Sat.  March 23, 2023, and features the only urban helicopter egg drop, is hosted in conjunction with the City of Houston, through the Houston Arts Alliance, and will follow strict COVID-19 safety protocols.

Your Path to Sponsorship

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