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Houston’s Historic 5th Ward community is one large masterpiece. It is a place where art is a way of living, from its food, music, and sculpture; to its historic buildings and gathering spaces like the Deluxe Theater; to its iconic stoops, its language and its corner jam sessions. 5th Ward's Lyons Avenue Cultural Arts District is a living cultural arts district and a center of African American history and culture, while supporting its diversity as it grows. 

This Lyons Avenue Renaissance Festival celebrates the history, art, culture, and current revitalization of Houston's historic 5th Ward. The event attracts thousands of residents and visitors every year and includes musical performances, a helicopter egg drop, face painting, and other family-friendly activities for the public to indulge in. 

As we approach its 11th running year, the Lyons Avenue Renaissance Festival remains FREE to the community and continues to celebrate the history, art, culture, and current revitalization of Houston's 5th Ward. Using the allure of music, dance, and other art forms to engage the community, this annual celebration showcases positive changes in the area and new developments that are taking place. The festival also features Houston’s only egg drop by helicopter!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

 12 - 5PM
3800-4000 Lyons Avenue,
between Gregg and Benson Street

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