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About Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation

As a steward of Houston’s Historic 5th Ward and comprehensive community developer, FWCRC seeks to enhance quality of life for individuals and families, eliminate blight, attract investment and resources, encourage commercial and business development, coordinate government and public service, and offer a sense of destination and creative place-making. The finished product is a healthy and vibrant community for residents and visitors alike.


“Fifth Ward CRC catalyzes resources to build and preserve an inclusive 5th Ward Community by developing places and opportunities to live, work and play”.



About the 5th Ward neighborhood

The site of historic churches, the city's first black settlement house and the first black arts complex, the 5th  Ward has a rich history. Its native sons and daughters include the late Congressman Mickey Leland,  Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, and musicians such as Joe Sample and the Crusaders.


Settled and developed in the 1800's and early 1900's, the neighborhood experienced decline and  disinvestment from 1965 - 1990, but is now seeing a surge in redevelopment, investment and community. Today,  the Greater 5th Ward has more than 25,000 residents , and it is increasingly diverse, with the historically  African American neighborhood now about half Hispanic and half African American.



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